The mindTV Story

From Frustration to Determination

It was family life as advertised, in a swiss town near Zurich. Our princess thriving in primary school – the little prince everybody’s favorite at the daycare. Until the second year.

No issues at home – none. Unbearable in a classroom setting. Simply not capable of fitting in. Always doing something to get attention. To put it mildly, he wasn’t anyone’s favorite anymore. Things can change quickly, can’t they?

After a seemingly endless journey in search for answers, we were finally left with a diagnosis:

A rare combination of ADHD, Tourette and a few other things. Unfortunately, the only medication that brought relief, triggered other issues. It became increasingly clear, there would not be a quick solution.

We know what it’s like, to get those phone calls from teachers. To attend parent meetings and get the stare. Facing accusations of bad parenting. Getting tossed from school – multiple times. We completely understand, how frustrating it is, to deal with a situation like this day in day out. We’ve been there ourselves. For years.

We’ll spare you the details, but it struck us how psychologists would routinely ignore the piles of documents, do their thing on autopilot, watch the child play for eight weeks and then not provide any sort of satisfying answer. Not one pointed out similar cases, defined goals and laid out a clear plan, demonstrating how they would proceed. Hours of drawing pictures, hours of talk – no results. Some medication worked for a while, other caused side-effects.

We also met some great people along the way. Experts with a genuine interest and love for our child. Teachers that went above and beyond regular duty to help us out, other parents we could share stories and have open discussions with.

Frustration can eat you up. Or you can use it as motivation. We made the decision to turn our frustration into determination.

For years, Sonya would work intensely with children. Part of her success as a children’s therapist came due to her personal 360 degree understanding of an issue and its consequences. Her relentless search for answers was fueled by the hope of helping her own son.

In thousands of sessions with children, reading their body language and listening very closely to what came to the surface, answers began emerging. Some things worked, others didn’t. Great success goes hand in hand with failure. You try, fail, learn and do it better. Over time however, one thing became clear: Visualization – watching TV in your mind – works!

mindTV was born. It took its first baby steps and fell down a few times. Today, years later, it has matured into a fascinating, effective way of helping children deal with their issues. It can now be learned and applied by parents and professionals interested in using visualization to help children deal with issues and make them feel good about themselves.

It’s true – we can’t help everyone. But that won’t stop us from trying. Based on years of personal experience there is almost always something we can come up with, to help you and your child.

Frustration started it.
Determination fuels its development.
Heartwarming stories keep it going.


Just a tiny group of people with a big idea

Purpose before Passion

Everybody talks about passion. While passion is certainly required, we feel that purpose is the real reason we pour so much of ourselves into mindTV. Passion is like an emotion – it can come and go. People are passionate about lots of things – good wine, sports, music. Purpose goes deeper.

We’re not smart enough science brains to find the cure for cancer. We’re not worldclass surgeons performing life saving surgery on newborns. We were however gifted with other talents and keep discovering ways, how we can make a difference in the lives of children and bring relief to families.

You’ll never hear us claim we have all the answers. But we’ll never stop trying to find them.

Helping kids has become our purpose. Seeing them smile and making a positive difference in their lives is what keeps us going.

Core Values

So often, the simple things in life happen to be the best. Likewise, we always look to keep everything at mindTV in such a way, that you can quickly grasp and apply the concepts. We want to speak your language, not some expert jibberish.

No time for woo-woo. Everything you find on mindTV has been successfully applied and continues to bring measurable results. If it doesn’t, we either improve it or pull it down. If it doesn’t help you and your child, we see no reason to keep it.

It’s never really about us. Sounds a bit cheesy, but think about it: It shifts our focus from what we think is good to what people tell us they really need. Ultimately, this improves our products. We all win.

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