Falling asleep with Ella

A unique 20-minute journey to a magical place with a smart cube and a special factory, designed for children that sometimes struggle to find a peaceful night’s sleep.

Watch a preview:

Unlike our many teamwork concepts, this is a visualization your child can do alone before bedtime.
Designed primarily for younger kids somewhere between the age of 6 to 11. Let your child watch the preview and see how they respond.
For kids that struggle to fall asleep, wake up at night or are afraid of being alone, noises, ghosts or the dark
What parents say
Parents tell us that the video and especially the audio part gave their children the security they needed to fall asleep and sleep through.

With repetition the bad feelings got smaller and smaller until the issue disappeared completely. With some children it took just a few nights with others a lot longer. This is perfectly fine because every child and their issue are absolutely unique.

An interesting fact was, that some children wanted to fall asleep to the audio, even after their issue at night was gone. It became their mental safety net so to say, which continued to help them play the right movie in their mind every night. This of course prevented the problem from coming back.

These concepts have been tested not only by parents at home but also during professional mindTV sessions, with great results.

Unlike your doctor, mindTV is not a health care or medical provider. We do not heal. We do not cure. We do not make any claims or guarantees that mindTV provides a medical or therapeutic benefit. Under no circumstances is mindTV a substitute for medication or professional medical advice. People with existing mental health issues must consult their health care provider before using mindTV.

These visualization concepts are meant for use with your own child. The full responsibility rests with you as a parent or legal guardian. mindTV does not assume any liability for how you apply these concepts with your child.

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