At mindTV we let children describe what blocks, frightens or troubles them, holds them back or makes them sad. It’s fascinating what they visualize.

mindTV Fernsehen im Kopf Kopfkino Visualisierung Traurigkeit


Girl, 9

A blue, icy cold snowflake in the heart. We let it melt and with the melt water we water a beautiful orange tree.

mindTV Fernsehen im Kopf Kopfkino Visualisierung Wachstumsschmerzen

Growing pain

Boy, 13

Barbed wire in both knees. With a file we file away the sharp barbs, pull out the wire and apply pain-relieving lotion.

mindTV Fernsehen im Kopf Kopfkino Visualisierung Verlustangst Ameisen


Girl, 5

Ants in the feet – a fear that her parents will not come back. With a magic vacuum cleaner she sucks them all out.

mindTV Fernsehen im Kopf Kopfkino Visualisierung Wut Wutausbrüche


Boy, 10

A mean, purple bird in his tummy. The boy had an idea: we plucked the bird’s feathers and threw it on the barbecue.

Hate toward school

Boy, 9

His central computer has a virus. It’s removed and replaced with high performance hardware and fiber optics.


Girl, 3½

Her jealousy of her younger brother looks like brown scales on her feet. We stand in a lake and bring it back to the fish.


Girl, 15

In her head she sees a huge mess. She grabs one end of the mess, pulls it all out like a string and burns it.


Boy, 7

In his tummy he sees a fire dragon. He finally defeats and makes him into a companion that calms him down.

Learning difficulties

Boy, 9

In his forehead he sees an old, beat-up, slow tractor. We instead build a fast, shiny Letter-Ferrari.


Fear of suffocating

Boy, 10

He describes this feeling of not being able to swallow or breathe as thick slime in his throat. We suck it all out.


Boy, 15

He describes the pressure of having to go to school as a heavy concrete shoe on his stomach. He throws it out the window.


Girl, 7

She wears a “victim suit”. She takes it off, throws it on the floor and sees how other kids want to play with her again.

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