11-year-old Joel had a lot of difficulties reading and writing. The official diagnosis read mild ADHD and dyslexia.

When under pressure, Joel suddenly switched off completely. German exams would go well until about halfway through, then letters and words would go missing. Processing thoughts and writing them down seemed too slow. Homework often ended in tears and dispute. Nothing came easy for him.

Despite additional lessons and two full years with a speech therapist, Joel did not improve.

During session, we rewound back to a moment in his mother’s womb. Already here he felt a sense of insecurity and fear and described this as a red ball in his chest. In fact, his mother had suffered a miscarriage before. Joel had sensed and absorbed this fear. He gave it back to his mother.

At the age of 5, the first day in kindergarten, those same feelings came up again – insecurity and fear. For the first time, he completely shut down.

At the age of 8, the first German exam took place. He felt massive pressure and could not write fast enough. This moment overwhelmed him, everything switched off. A key moment!

Together we checked Information Screen and all the cables. Sure enough, Joel saw that the cable running from his head all the way down to his writing hand was blocked. As he repaired the cable, he felt a strong tingling sensation. His body began to shake, and it became clear, a lot was going on inside him.

In the Mind Room, he found and activated the switches for faster thinking and motivation. The stress switch, on the other hand, he pulled out completely. In its place, he built a new switch for clear thinking. He also turned up the speed of his writing.

In the first two weeks after the session he had two separate German exams. Joel scored an A- and even his first A+! His mother took photos of both papers, on which the teacher had drawn big smileys and bravos with his bright red pen.

As is the case so often, it had nothing to do with intelligence. At last he could show what he was capable of. Joel just sent a postcard from his holiday.

Sonya Mosimann

In thousands of sessions Sonya discovered patterns that led to astounding results. This unique way of working with children developed into the mindTV visualization method. She is never afraid to challenge the status quo and try new ideas.

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