Sun Allergy

Kevin was a likable 10-year-old that came for help with a weird case of sun allergy. Red cheeks, spots, swelling on his face and itchiness were common symptoms, when exposed to the heat of the sun rays.

He had been dealing with this allergy since kindergarten. Medical check-ups did not provide insights. Doctors and alternative practitioners found nothing to permanently help Kevin get rid of his allergy.

During the mindTV session Kevin visualized his allergy as a yellow hexagon in both his left and his right ear and said, it had been there since his time in the womb. Also in the womb, he visualized orange triangles in his hand, resembling the anger and frustration of being trapped. He clenched his fists and described the hot rays shining through his mother’s belly. He felt hot, trapped and said it was as if he was lying in boiling, bubbling water.

Interestingly, Kevin was born in September, so the last months of the pregnancy were in summer.

All his feelings were self-built, so he disassembled them. We checked all the other years on his Time Bridge and removed them everywhere.

When asked, what he would like to replace the removed feelings with, Kevin came up with some creative ideas. He visualized blue cooling balls and green allergy protection balls and used both to replace the feelings of frustration and his allergy.

Also, he covered his entire body with thousands of small triangles and called this layer his ray filer. To be completely sure, he also added an armor made from little rubbery ovals, that would make any rays bounce off.

Kevin’s sun allergy never came back.

Sonya Mosimann

In thousands of sessions Sonya discovered patterns that led to astounding results. This unique way of working with children developed into the mindTV visualization method. She is never afraid to challenge the status quo and try new ideas.

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