The Missing Twin

11-year-old Lars came to me for help because he regularly wets his bed at night. A gangly boy, holding his mother’s hand, who seemed rather shy and withdrawn. While his mother was describing his issue, he kept making brief eye contact. He seemed tense and nervous.

I smiled at Lars and said to him: «Lars, I think the two of us will be perfectly fine alone. He agreed to that immediately. After I had explained to Lars what he is about to experience, he got comfortable on the chair and closed his eyes, eager to get started.

Lars could relax perfectly and so we began rewinding back through the movie of his life movie and explore his inner world. Lars found the undesirable feeling (the bed-wetting) below his heart as a black, small box. We opened the box and took a look inside. He found a picture of himself in it, but it was torn in half.
“Let’s ask your Inner friend why your picture is torn,” I suggested. We went into his inner world to find something surprising: Lars not only found his Inner Friend, but also «Myself! I’m here too, but I’m still a baby!”

He felt that they were both very sad and asked Inner Friend for support. The three of them took some Larse to have a conversation. I let them have that Larse. Lars suddenly burst into tears. “I wet the bed for him – for him” he sobbed. “He’s my brother!”

Based on the pre-talk I knew that Lars was an only child. I instructed him to take little Lars in his arms and to find a nice, warm place in his heart for him. Lars did that and it was touching to see him hugging himself dearly. After a few moments, Lars said, “Now it’s fine.”

A peaceful smile appeared on his face. I sent Lars back to the black box and asked him to check what had happened to the photo. The box was gone. “Is there anything else there, instead of the box?” “Yes, now there’s a yellow ray of sunlight and a picture of us both.”

After the session, the mother joined us and Lars told her what he had experienced. ” It was like a dream, mom, I dreamt of a brother.” His mother looked at me, paused for a moment and then revealed to Lars that he had lost his twin brother at birth.

To protect Lars, his parents didn’t want to burden him with this knowledge – but they forgot to consider that Lars was deprived of a substantial part of himself. I asked Lars and his mother to give each other a big hug, and to find a special place for the lost twin. Tears flowed.

His mother later told me that Lars is much happier and more sociable since that day – and he never wet his bed again.

Claudia Dübendorfer

With a lot of empathy, creativity and humour Claudia takes children and adults on an unforgettable journey through the Movie of their Life – with impressive results.

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