mindTV Sessions

Locate and contact one of our practitioners to help you find a solution for your child or yourself.

Practitioners can tailor mindTV sessions to your child’s specific interests and needs

Practitioners have an even wider range of tools and can guide your child through the Movie of their Life to find answers

Practitioners are frequently confronted with complexer issues and can go more into depth during a session

Infos for Parents

This brochure will give you more insights and detailed information about what to expect from mindTV sessions


Please note

mindTV Practitioners are independent therapists with completely different backgrounds, personal views and their own session procedures. They are free to design their services individually and to offer other methods other than mindTV.

mindTV does not assume responsibility for the way practitioners use our method.


Practitioners complete a written examination and document multiple sessions, which are submitted in the form of a case study and evaluated by our team of mindTV experts.

Proven Professionals

Proven Pros go through a demanding certification program with background checks and examinations lasting several hours. They demonstrate a high degree of creativity, intuition, social competence and professionalism.